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To participate in the LoyalTI First program, you must first be registered to book online with Travel Impressions through VAX Vacation Access.

Refer to www.vaxvacationaccess.com/suppliers/travel-impressions to register.

If you have any questions regarding agent registration, please contact helpdesk@travimp.com

How do I become a registered agent with LoyalTI First?

First, you have to make sure you're registered for VAX. If you have already registered for VAX with TMTC, you are all set to book TI immediately, since the brands are now bundled together under the greater ALG umbrella.

If not, once you sign up for VAX, you will receive an automated email listing individual suppliers you can register to book with. You must then register for ALG within VAX in order to book TI on the platform. You will need to register for ALG if you were previously not registered to book TMTC.

Click here to register your agency!

Once registered, you should receive an email by 11/9/18 with your LoyalTI First username and password. If not, please contact Customer Support at cs.LoyalTI@summitmg.com or call 877-847-8894. Agents begin accruing points after completing registration at www.LoyalTIFirst.com.

What if I am a former Quest agent that already has a LoyalTI First login?

Then no changes are needed and you will be grandfathered into the LoyalTI First system as an existing user. You will need to create a VAX account to have your LoyalTI account tied to your new bookings made.

What if I do not have a VAX account under the ARC/IATA I book with TI?

Then you will have to register for VAX under that ARC/IATA number to ensure proper booking processing. Please remember, you must be registered to book with us in VAX for your bookings to qualify.

Updated 10.12.2018

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